“Knowing is the easy part; saying it out loud is the hard part.”

Nicholas Evans:  The Horse Whisperer

When it comes to knowing and ability to use language in real life situations, this quote depicts large number of people in our surrounding. Overcome that obstacle with us. Improve your already gained knowledge and speak! the language you want!


The Language Studio is the center which spreads knowledge. Established with the idea to offer high-quality services in the sphere of education, TLS is exactly what students nowadays need – high-quality accessible services, broad range of offers, and most importantly – dedicated, friendly and, above all,  professional teaching staff.


Established in October 2014  and offering only English language courses, in less than a year we managed to expand our services by adding the German, Italian and Russian language to the list. However, we did not stop there. We also decided to include Serbian and Mathematics lessons to meet the needs of elementary school students’ in Veternik and nearby places.


In order to make a good progress, teacher’s support and attention are essential. Therefore, our groups count no more than four students per group (with only several programs having up to six people). In such small and friendly environment, our teachers insist on using a language through conversations, creative writing, grammar practice, etc., aiming to develop their students’ confidence, critical thinking, motivation and communication skills.


However, besides all this, it is necessary for a student to express their own opinion and come up with a solution with the help of the teacher. In order for students to get the perfect score, our policy is “communication with our students from the very beginning”. We encourage all of you to talk to us so that we can together come up with the best possible classes which would result in your progress and satisfaction.


At TLS, we design teaching to fit our students’ needs, which is why we create tailor-made courses to help the students in achieving their personal goals. TLS offers you one-to-one courses, group courses,  summer fast track English course, Skype lessons, etc. Upon finishing our courses, students receive a certificate.


Choose the service of your preference and join us today!

The Language Studio