The Language Studio is the center that spreads knowledge. Established with the idea to offer high-quality and all-encompassing services in the sphere of education, TLS is exactly what students need – top-notch services, focus on learning in a real-life context, and most importantly – dedicated, friendly, and, above all, expert teaching staff.

Established in October 2014  and offering only English language courses, the first year was all about expanding the services and including other foreign languages, but also Serbian and Maths classes, and by the end of the first year, we successfully managed to create a solid base of students. Some of them are still learning and attending their courses wishing to improve their knowledge, maintain the level of communication, or prepare for taking an official test to attain a diploma.

In order to make genuine progress, the teacher’s support and attention are essential. Therefore, we take no more than six students per group, although we still recommend a maximum of 4 people. In such a small and friendly environment, our teachers insist on their students learning by having conversations on the topics that are interesting and important to them, by practicing new material and having it explained creatively and with as many relative examples as possible in order to develop their confidence, critical thinking, and strong communication skills.

At TLS, we design classes to fit our students’ needs, which is why we tailor-make courses to help the students achieve their personal goals. The Language Studio offers you individual and group courses live or via Skype, Google Hangouts/Meet, Viber. Upon finishing our courses, students receive a certificate of successfully finishing their own.


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